Hotel Room Block Management

Determining how many hotel rooms are needed, what type of accommodations suit the group, and for how long the room block needs to be established is another service offered by CMA Planners. We diligently work to help our clients forecast the optimum number of hotel rooms and types needed (typically based on history), and negotiate with the hotel to ensure all needs are covered and addressed in the contract.CMA Planners will also negotiate the best possible attrition allowance, arrange for the lowest rates available, and maximize concessions such as suite, level, view upgrades and request as many complimentary rooms as possible.

Hotel Room Block Management Services Include:

Comprehensive hotel room block management will include a myriad of services on behalf of CMA Planners to include the following:

  • Negotiate the lowest possible guest room rates
  • Minimize attrition requirements
  • Maximize concessions and special considerations
  • Monitor hotel room pickup and provide reports to client and hotel *
  • Increase or decrease block when possible based on daily pick up reports *
  • Monitor the deadlines for rooming list/cutoff *
  • Assist with concession assignments for VIPs to include considerations such as suite upgrades, welcome amenities, club level upgrade, view rooms, etc.  *
  • Instruct hotel of important information about special requests (late check in, allergies) or needs (ADA room)  based on registration *
  • Publicize reservation information of CMA Planners website, as requested *
  • Build a custom registration site *

* CMA Planners offers custom registration websites. The starred services outlined above are in addition to the non -fee based offerings.


Custom Registration Services

Methods for collecting and gathering data are crucial to the success of any event. For this reason, CMA Planners offers complete registration services, including an option to have a custom registration website to be designed with brand messaging and managed for any event. Our clients find that this custom website option allows them to save time and money as CMA Planners processes and corresponds with every attendee registration. 24/7 access to data, such as reports on progress and financial, can be provided to all identified parties.

Custom Registration Services Include:

Methods for collecting and gathering data are crucial to the success of any event. CMA Planners offers multiple services to our clients so that they can gather every important registration details by choosing to incorporate the following levels of service:

  • Having a custom online registration website built by our team of experts
  • Custom confirmation emails are developed.  These include emails for complete and incomplete registrations as well as final confirmations
  • Real-time reporting is available 24/7 to those identified by the client
  • If applicable, the site offers payment processing and financial reporting within a secure and PCI compliant system.
  • Help line available for every attendee.  Contact information listed on each webpage

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