Event Fulfillment Services

Years of experience has made CMA Planners adept at providing Fulfillment Services no matter the size or complexity of the project. We are efficient in our processes, and this translates to great savings for clients who choose to have their fulfillment needs managed by us. Whether collating event materials, stuffing gift bags, or shipping multiple packages; our strength is our ability to handle any size assembly order. Once this portion of the job is complete, we are able to route and ship the items to the appropriate locations. We are proficient in knowing the rules and regulations surrounding shipments to venues such as hotels and trade show floors and can even assist with international shipments.

Event Fulfillment Services Include:

  • Collate printed materials
  • Stuff gift bags
  • Ship materials in multiple cities and for subsequent events
  • Assist with warehousing and inventory management

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3331 Keller Springs Court
Las Vegas, NV 89141
Phone: (702) 896-9383

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